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Auto Insurance (Standard and Non-standard)

The team at Insure Insurance in Rock Hill and Fort Mill, South Carolina, can help you get appropriate auto insurance. Contact us today for standard and non-standard auto insurance quotes. 

What Is Standard Car Insurance? 

Standard car insurance generally describes the typical auto insurance policy offered to drivers who meet the following criteria:   

  • Clean driving record 
  • Certain age range 
  • Vehicle type 
  • Continuous car insurance coverage 
  • Home address in a typical residential area 

Standard car insurance provides a range of coverages and is generally offered at competitive rates by standard auto insurance companies. 

If you have a relatively clean driving record, average credit and no significant insurance claims history, you’re likely eligible for standard car insurance. 

What Is Non-standard Auto Insurance? 

Non-standard auto insurance is designed for drivers who do not meet the criteria for standard policies. This could be due to various reasons, such as a poor driving record, owning a high-performance or unusual vehicle, lapse in insurance coverage or being a new driver. 

Non-standard auto insurance companies offer policies tailored to the needs of drivers who may not qualify for standard insurance due to various risk factors. These policies have more flexible underwriting standards, accommodating those with less-than-perfect driving records or other risk factors. 

Due to the increased risk, non-standard auto insurance typically comes with higher premiums than standard policies. 

Why Would I Need Non-standard Car Insurance? 

Non-standard car insurance becomes a necessity under certain circumstances, including the following: 

  • Those with a poor driving record 
  • Young or new drivers 
  • Those who drive high-risk vehicles 
  • Those with lapses in coverage 

How to Get Appropriate Auto Insurance Coverage 

Whether you’re a perfect fit for standard car insurance or require the specialized offerings of non-standard auto insurance companies, our team can help guide you through the process to ensure you have the proper protection on the road. 

Contact Insure Insurance today to start building a tailored auto insurance plan. 

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